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Kim, from where I work, is mad at me.

I work on the late night production crew for one of these all-weather channels. I recently sexxxx video ful hd submitted a story telling how the female news anchor on the show routinely gives her male co-anchor blowjobs while on the air. I called the story: Kristen Blowing Snow.

But the original name was Kim Blowing Snow because the girl who is doing this actually is named Kim. But then I chickened out and changed her name for the story. I thought she?d be mad if I used her name. Turns out she?s mad that I didn?t use her name.

?You wouldn?t have minded?? I asked her after I showed her the story on the internet.

?Of course not!? she answered. ?Why would I mind? I give blowjobs on T.V.?

I guess I hadn?t thought about it that way.

So here I am setting things straight. I also want to tell you what Kim did to convince me she didn?t mind everyone knowing it was her.

First, she went to the station manager to get him to approve of her idea. (The /first-time/">first time we accidentally showed her giving her partner a blowjob on the air, the manager only found out about it afterwards. We thought we?d be fired, but we weren?t. He just told us that viewers seemed to like Kim doing that and to ?occasionally? have more accidents like the first. So we have. Kim blows the entire crew during every show, but we ?accidentally? catch her at it at least twice a week.) 

But this time, Kim wanted to be caught blowing the entire crew. We had to make it look like an accident or a cruel prank gone overboard, so what we did was ?accidentally? insert a video of Kim giving blowjobs to all of us right into Kim?s stand-up weather reports. Every time Kim would stand up in front of the map to report the weather, after a few seconds the video would switch on and fill the T.V. xxx sex video download free com screen.

Kim decided she wanted this video to look professional. So yesterday afternoon, our professional cameraman showed up about six hours before we went on the air, and set up five tripods all around the studio room. We all arrived about an hour later. Kim wore nice, chocolate brown, pleated, front-pocket dress pants, a tight, orange turtle neck sweater and orange heels. The video starts with Kim on her knees, facing front, right in the middle of the studio. She calls out:

?Are you guys coming??

At this point two of us come in and Kim undoes our zippers. 

Then, she starts blowing both of us. The first two were me and her co-anchor. Kim casually blew both of us, all the while laughing and joking around with us. She wanted to make sure we used her name repeatedly on the video, so we did. 

?Are you having fun, Kim?? I asked her.

My cock was in her mouth, so she just happily answered? ?Hmm hmm.?

?You LOVE sucking cock, don?t you Kim?? Jeff asked her.

And again she gave a very affirmative ?Hmm hmm.?

With five cameras, the video caught Kim from all angles: face on, from the side and from the back to highlight her nice bum. And lots of close-up shots with Kim?s eyes wide open, looking STRAIGHT into the camera. Kim looked so happy to have these cocks to suck.

Jeff was the first to shoot his load into Kim?s mouth. She swallowed, then immediately took me back in her mouth. Meanwhile, Jeff zipped up and left, to be immediately replaced by our sound man, Keith. 

?Hi Kim,? he said as he unzipped and pulled out his wang. Still blowing me, she nonetheless turned her eyes to look up at him and said ?Hmm hmm.?

She pumped me a few more times. Then her mouth switched over to him. 

I shot second, of course. And I was immediately replaced by another. 

Kim?s able mouth kept popping back and forth between two cocks for a full forty minutes. She blew Jeff, me, the four others in the late night crew and then the station manager. She thought she was finished, but was still on her knees when we surprised her and I brought in two janitors from our building. 

?Oh, Hi!? she said brightly after I?d introduced them. (They worked days, so she hadn?t met them before.)

She laughed while they unzipped and then she took both of them in her mouth for MORE fun. One of them was a somewhat crusty old gentleman, who nonetheless was polite. The other had just started with the station a few weeks before, and clearly had stars in his eyes meeting this ?big T.V. star.? He wanted to know Kim?s last name so he could address her with respect, but she insisted he just call her Kim

?Thanks so much, Kim,? he said, so appreciatively.

Kim just stared up at him with his cock in her mouth and kindness in her eyes. She was so impressed by his politeness.

The younger guy was so excited, he shot his load in 30 seconds. But Kim just swallowed and told him not to go. After a minute or so working the older janitor?s cock, she wrapped her mouth around his to blow him a second time.

?Oh thank you, Miss Kim,? he said.

Kim just laughed inside.

It turns out that the two shot their loads one right after the other a few minutes later, so that Kim literally swallowed both loads together. 

When the two janitors left, Kim was left just as the video had started? all alone kneeling in the centre of Studio 2. 

?Anyone else?? she called out, half joking.

?Well, Kim,? I called out from the wings, purposefully loud enough to be heard on the video? ?The guys from the day crew wanted to know if you?d have time to blow them.?

Kim was unable to control her laughter for about thirty seconds. But finally she called out:

?Oh? sure. Tell them to come on in.?

And then I led at least fifteen more guys into the studio, while Kim looked down at the ground, put one hand to her forehead, shook her head and laughed uncontrollably again.

I introduced the first two to Kim ?This is Jason? he?s a cameraman; and this is Warren? one of the stage set-up crew.? Kim reached up from her knees to shake their hands and then watched as the two of them whipped their cocks out and into her mouth. The video ended with a real close-up of Kim staring right into the camera with Warren?s cock in her mouth and her right hand wrapped around Jason?s.

Well? Kim was kept busy for more than two more hours, but finished just in time to watch the video herself before she went on the air. She was VERY pleased. 

?You look great, Kim,? we all told her.

And so, about two minutes into her 3 a.m., on-the-hour stand-up weather report, we had the cameraman /fake/fake-video/">fake video difficulties. T.V. viewers then saw a message apologizing for technical difficulties. And then Kim?s video went on. Kim originally wanted just to show little snatches of it throughout the show. But she?d changed her mind when she saw it. Late night viewers were treated to a full fifty-two minutes of Kim in action? from 3:02 to 3:54. Then we returned right to where Kim had left off in her weather report. We did it again at 4:02 and planned to run just half of it at 5:02, so that it ended before T.V. viewing shot up at 5:30. But we were all so into it that we let it run to completion.

Well? that was yesterday. The station phone has been ringing off the hook with guys begging for a copy of the video footage. The station manager has agreed to show it all again, every so often for those who missed it the first time. And Kim happily signed her first few autographs yesterday, for guys who?d come to the station to meet her personally.

So you see? I guess I didn?t have to worry about Kim being upset after all. Did I?