Neighbour in pantyhose

Published February 28, 2024 tag category
Neighbour in pantyhose

It all started when I moved into my new home while getting used to my surroundings I noticed that I had quite an interesting neighbor fairly young and a real nice body. I couldn't help Noticing her as she /hung/">hung out her washing on the line in her back garden she had nice long legs that seem to go up to her neck. And every now and again as she reached

For the washing line you could see the tip of her panties through her pantyhose that were tan in color I continued to watch her as she hung out her smalls on the line.

I got the feeling she knew I was watching her and that she was putting on a show for me. So I continued to watch her and my cock was getting very hard she hung quite a number of panties on her line of different colors and styles as I continued to watch her I randomly took out my cock and started to wank myself. This had never happened before.

All of a sudden I heard my front door bell ring and I quickly went to answer it and to my /surprise/">surprise it was her my neighbor I said hello and she replied hello my name is crystal from next door how are you and welcome.

I said thank you my name is Harry I'm a retired salesman and a widow crystal informed me she was divorced and lived on her own now I asked her would she like to come in and have a drink and crystal said ok Harry I'd like that thank you.

So I then led her into the sitting room and told her I was just going to get a bottle of wine and some glasses crystal made herself comfortable on the sofa after getting the glasses and the wine of course I sat next to her and poured the wine into her glass I then asked her did she work local.

She then replied no I don't work anymore and I have lots of time on my hands I asked her did she have any hobbies she told me she liked to be naughty with a laugh I asked her in what way she then told me that she was a secret nymphomaniac that like to be fucked all the time.

She said she noticed me watching her in the back garden earlier and I admitted I was crystal told me that's ok I like men watching me I poured her another glass of wine while I was doing this I noticed her skirt was after ridding up her legs and I could see her panties she said to me old waman xxxgx you /naughty/naughty-boy/">naughty boy looking at my panties.

She then stood up and removed her skirt. Then next thing I know I was feeling her pussy through her pantyhose and panties she said to me keep going Harry you horny old fucker. Then I pulled her pantyhose down and her panties and her wet vagina was looking at me she said you can lick it if you like.

Then I took my trousers off and my cock was hard and she started to play with it for a while. I asked her to turn around and started to feel her ass opening the cheeks and licking deep inside them she started to go wild she said keep going Harry lick my ass I love it .

Then I pushed my finger in there crystal screamed fuck me Harry now so I pushed my cock deep into her ass pushing in and out she opened her legs a little so I could get my cock deep inside her I could feel my cock throbbing getting ready to explode then all of a sudden I shot my load bokep sma pecah perawan deep inside her ass.

Crystal then gasped and said Harry that's /best/best-fucking/the-best-fuck/">the best fuck I've had in a long time I replied crystal I'm glad you enjoyed it lots more to come. Then we got dressed and crystal went back to her work and I went for a shower hope she calls again soon .