I Never Could Resist Himpart 2

Published February 28, 2024 tag category
I Never Could Resist Himpart 2

*clap* *clap* *clap*
just three simple sounds and the best day of my life began.

What had started as an attempt to grab some porn my ex Kyle and I had made with my current beau Jack had turned into... well, I'll start with what happened after Jack walked in.

Kyle had just fucked me well, being rough as I liked it, pulling my hair and showing no mercy.
After we both came, Jack was at the door, sans clothes, dick at attention. He told us he wanted in.

"What?!" Kyle and I said in unison.
Jack walked from the doorway over to the bed. His 8in dick bobbing as he walked. Kyle was still in me, he was semi-hard. I could feel his cum oozing out.

"Simple. I want to fuck you both, want to come in both your mouths, be fucked by him while fucking you, and eat our cum from your pussy."
He started jacking off as he spoke.

I felt Kyle harden in me as Jack talked dirty to us. I was still horny as fuck, I was all for it. But was Kyle?
"Fuck it, Ill do it"
"I knew it. Now stay like that."
Jack walked behind us to our spread legs. I felt his tongue touch my clit wwwxxx and I let out a yelp. He worked his way up my pussy, lapping my cum until... I couldn't feel his tongue anymore.
Then Kyle let out a yelp too and I knew Jack was licking his cock. When Kyle bent me over more, while grabbing my tits and pulling my nipples, I knew Jack had reached his /asshole/">asshole.
"Mmmm" Kyle moaned
He began thrusting back on his tongue causing him to fuck me and more cum to come out, which Jack promptly licked.
"Alright! New position!"
Jack cried as he crawled onto the bed. He laid down and gestured for me to climb onto his face.
As I lowered my face, Kyle stood there with his 9in cock pulsing with his heartbeat.
"What are you doing? Suck his cock!" I demanded.

I threw my head back and closed my eyes as I worked my pussy on Jacks mouth, it was so good. We hadn't done this position before.
I looked back and saw Kyle on his knees on the bed in front of Jacks cock.
"Go on, ill help you."
I leaned down and we both started licking his cock. Up and down, side to side. Sometimes our tongues met and we started to make out, sharing his taste.
Finally, I pushed Kyles head down onto Jacks cock, making him deepthroat it. He gagged, and I lifted him up a bit before I forced it back down. We continued this motion until I let go and starting playing with Jacks balls. Kyle continued the motion and I kept rubbing my clit on Jacks tongue until I came. Then Jack came in Kyles mouth.
"Don't swallow yet!" I said, "let's all share"
We all got up and began making out, Jacks come dripping down our chins, onto my tits and Kyle and Jacks chests.
"New position!" I said this time.

I laid where Jack had just been and told Kyle to come fuck my mouth. While he did, the wwwxxx Jack started to fuck my pussy.
At the same time he rubbed my clit and fingered my asshole, I was in heaven. When I came I stop sucking Kyle and said, "fuck Jack, please baby"
He didn't waste anytime. Jack started fucking me missionary, and we tongue wrestled. He was moaning because Kyle was eating his asshole until finally Jack said "fuck me now!"
Kyle thrust in hard, and soon he was fucking him like he used to fuck me.
He grabbed Jacks big curly locks and pulled, while I licked Jacks neck.
"Uh uh uh! Oh fuck, oh yes. OHH" we were all screaming something.

It was amazing, all three of us either fucking or getting fucked. I was in /ecstasy/">ecstasy, I was screaming the whole time.
Then, Kyle came in Jack, Jack came in me, and I came hard on Jacks dick.
We all rolled off of eachother, sweating profusely. After we caught our breath, someone said.
"Wanna go again? I got some new ideas"

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